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Gestassur has developed a unique approach to offering global insurance protection for private banks. Owing to the large limits required, Gestassur works with its network of partners to provide multi-insurer, multi-layer insurance programs.

Independent Asset Managers

Gestassur maintains close relationships with the major associations of independent asset managers and, in particular, with the SAAM (Swiss Association of Asset Managers) in Switzerland, the AFG (Association Française de la Gestion Financière) in Paris, the AMAF (Association Monégasque des Activités Financières) in Monaco and the ALPP (Association Luxembourgeoise des Professionnels du Patrimoine) in Luxembourg. The company has a longstanding track record of serving the individual members of these prestigious groups. As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the peculiarities of acting as an Independent Asset Manager. We are on top of the recent regulatory changes in Switzerland (notably the introduction of the LSFin and LEFin), and can help you in your registration process by providing insurance solutions that fulfil all regulatory requirements.

Gestassur advises Asset Managers and arranges global insurance programs in order to comprehensively address their professional insurance needs, including for their offshore subsidiaries.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Gestassur provides comprehensive insurance solutions to Private Equity and Venture Capital managers. We offer specialty, added-value insurance arrangements which streamline and facilitate investment and exit strategies in the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector.

Gestassur is a member of several Private Equity associations in Europe.

Investment Funds

Whether a traditional mutual fund or a hedge fund deploying complex or exotic strategies, we have decades of experience protecting both investment management companies and fund directors across both onshore and offshore jurisdictions.